Our Projects

Architecture and Design

When dealing with architectural tasks, we provide client support from the master plan to the smallest design elements.

Nautics and Aeronautics

Our experience enables us to design and create absolutely safe and fail-active aircraft and boats.

Automotive Engineering

As to automotive engineering, you will obtain the results combining design, technology and durability.

Transportation and Logistics

At Don Monada, we guarantee the effectiveness of logistics and make sure that your cargo is delivered safely and on time.

International Consulting

You will appreciate practical and valuable consulting services provided by our specialists working at the international level.

Project Development

You can be confident that your building will comply with legal documentation, the work will be completed successfully and on schedule, and quality control will be assured at every stage of construction.

Who we are

Don Monada is organization, which includes a number of other companies that have been on the market for many years.


The group comprises companies specializing in architecture, design, construction, automotive engineering, transportation and logistics, nautics and aeronautics, as well as companies offering international consulting and financial services.

Our clients

Our customers are our core value. Don Monada assumes total responsibility for its services, guarantees outstanding results and does its best to bring you, our client, deep satisfaction.


Feel free to choose any of our business areas. Thousands of our clients and partners in Europe, in the Commonwealth of Independents States, in the Middle East and globally can certify to the quality of our work. Trust us, and Don Monada will be your reliable ally for many years to come!