Transportation and Logistics

Our transportation company offers a wide range of delivery services by land, sea and air. We cooperate with many corporate giants all over the world. Our aim is to comply strictly with our clients’ demands in terms of logistics, fast shipping and cargo safety. Professional logistics and shipping services at Don Monada mean innovative approaches, high-quality service and timely decision-making. Cargo reception, storage and delivery do not require the customer’s and the recipient’s presence. A warranty from either party is all that is needed to make use of these services. Our transportation company handles both small high-value goods and large cargo whichever means of transport you prefer. In addition to shipping, our company provides customs clearance services anywhere in the world. Cargo reception, storage and delivery do not require the customer’s and the recipient’s presence. A warranty from either party is all that is needed to make use of these services. Our transportation company handles both small high-value goods and large cargo whichever means of transport you prefer. In addition to shipping, our company provides customs clearance services anywhere in the world.If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us in any convenient way: just call us or fill in the appropriate form on the website. Our company’s core values are your time, high-quality execution of all business plans related to prompt cargo delivery and our full commitment to customer satisfaction. By choosing us, you get:
  • Professional guidance on a case-by-case basis;
  • Updated information about current trends on the freight transportation market;
  • Fast and secured cargo delivery;
  • Cargo handling safety;
  • Accurate and compact packaging;
  • Comprehensive accompaniment of import and/or export procedures;
  • Possibility to transport oversize, high-value and hazardous cargo;
  • Customs brokerage services;
  • Ongoing monitoring of goods’ location.

Nautics and Aeronautics

Nautics and Aeronautics

We can find or build your dream yacht or aircraft. Our company specializes in creating crafts based on the existing frame or from scratch. We provide professional advice to our customers, as well as full protection of their interests through all stages of construction. Our company cooperates with shipbuilders, designers and architects, ensures the timely execution of projects and complies with established economic standards. If you are a hater of ready-made boats and aircrafts sold at the secondary market, you may envisage having one built from the ground up. Certainly, construction of a brand-new vehicle is a tough task and you just can’t expect coping with it all by yourself, even if you have sufficient experience and knowledge. As of now, the best solution would be to turn over to our international vehicle construction agency. We take full responsibility of every aspect of the design and build process upon reaching agreement on all details related to the project until its first entry into service. The final product, as well as the whole process of the vehicle building, should be a pleasant experience for the customer. Our services are based on this core principle, and be assured that our experienced and qualified specialists will do their best to save your precious time and money. Our wide experience in building expedition and recreational crafts, technical competence and timeliness of service provision are directed at making the customer’s dream come true in no time. Your cooperation with our company comprises the following range of services:
  • Study of the customer’s demands and his or her requirements for the vehicle;
  • Development of the project, rough drafts and other documents;
  • Provision of all necessary permits;
  • Interaction with designers, architects and others;
  • Control over every stage and aspect of the project;
  • Financial, legal and engineering support;
  • Delivery services.

International Consulting

Financial consulting refers to the qualified, strategically designed support to the management of any company with a view to improve its work performance, cost-effectiveness and productivity. Our company offers consulting services internationally, ranging from a one-time consultation to the full-scale development of a plan. Not only will our specialists improve your current situation and enhance your organization’s profitability, they will also assist you in opening new companies in other countries, obtaining funding and participating on the stock exchange. Our specialists and private consultations on enhancing business effectiveness will allow your company to increase several-fold its profitability. Close control over the implementation of a plan, a rigorous system of planning and a timely analysis of all eventual deviations will help you react to any changes in business in a timely manner, identify the reasons and respond accordingly. Our consulting company offers the following list of services:
  • Financial analysis of an enterprise;
  • Assessment of a project’s feasibility;
  • Debt restructuring;
  • Investment memorandum preparation;
  • Financial strategy elaboration;
  • Assistance in obtaining loans;
  • Company registration anywhere in the world;
  • Financial modeling;
  • Evaluation of investment attractiveness;
  • Investment and funding raising;
  • Expert review of business projects, and more.

Project Development and Construction

Don Monada carries out construction works in compliance with the existing design and budget documentation provided by the customer and acts as a general designer of buildings intended for various uses. The design department monitors all stages and aspects of the project implementation, from document preparation to commissioning. Our company designs and constructs buildings of different purposes and scale, including commercial, industrial, residential and public facilities.

Subcontractors with narrow specializations are often employed to develop optimized engineering, construction and architectural projects. Costs, terms and schedules are discussed with the customer, followed by a formal written contract.

The planning and design procedure consists of a number of clauses, from preparatory work (collection and coordination of data and procurement of permits) to the development of a detailed work plan. Each of these clauses is checked for feasibility and the appropriateness of expenses. Our specialists manage all the construction processes and guarantee the timely implementation of all aspects of the previously agreed arrangements and the high quality of the company’s work, even in case of unconventional and original buildings requiring specific engineering and design solutions.

Our services are listed below:

  • Architectural and construction design;
  • Preparation of documentation for independently built facilities;
  • Redesign and renovation of buildings;
  • Project development of reinforced concrete, steel and metal construction;
  • Laying of interior and exterior utility networks;
  • Interior design project management.

Automotive Engineering

Throughout our company’s years of activity, many car manufacturers have been able to implement their engineering ideas to produce all kinds of vehicles. Automotive engineering is a core principle of our business. Ongoing upgrading of techniques and advanced training of our professionals allow us to tackle turnkey projects that can rightly be called an ideal combination of style, functionality and durability.

Closely associated with design and style, computer technologies are used to design and carry out any project. Several branches exclude sequencing, by operating simultaneously, thus speeding up the project implementation stages, which gives impressive results. A team of professional designers examines technical and economic costs in line with predetermined lines and figures, designs the virtual prototype of a car, studies its operating rate and analyzes technical specifications.

Creating a virtual model provides an opportunity to test many parts of a car, including its exterior and interior, its body and other elements. At the output, every product is checked for conformity with performance, safety, weight and cost requirements. Our company designs and manufactures all products, according to the client’s demands. The cornerstone of our enterprise is our team of professionals sharing the same objectives of high-quality service, long-term and mutually beneficial business relations underpinning our reputation and viability.

Architecture and Design

Architecture and Design

In many instances, architecture determined in the early stages of design is a key feature of modern accommodation and of specific apartments. Our competent and professional approach to construction is tailored to create attractive and durable cottages featuring a wide range of useful specifications. Our team is there to help you come up with an excellent interior design, from the foundations to the curtains on your windows.

Every project is handled by a team of professionals, experienced in upgrading any building or any part of it. We guarantee rapid design and can take on a project of any complexity. Functionality, space and satisfied customers are the focal points of our design and architecture studio. Don Monada offers you:

  • Professional development of the building’s master plan, complete with all engineering and ergonomic requirements;
  • A possibility to revamp a building and to improve it further;
  • Selection and use of 100% environment-friendly materials for construction and interior design;
  • Calculation of technical and economic data being obtained at the time of design;
  • Paper map creation and 3D modeling. Special software programs allow you to view the end result modeled down to the last detail before actual construction;
  • Architectural and design documentation services;
  • Unique exterior and interior design development.