Architecture and Design

In many instances, architecture determined in the early stages of design is a key feature of modern accommodation and of specific apartments. Our competent and professional approach to construction is tailored to create attractive and durable cottages featuring a wide range of useful specifications. Our team is there to help you come up with an excellent interior design, from the foundations to the curtains on your windows.

Every project is handled by a team of professionals, experienced in upgrading any building or any part of it. We guarantee rapid design and can take on a project of any complexity. Functionality, space and satisfied customers are the focal points of our design and architecture studio. Don Monada offers you:

  • Professional development of the building’s master plan, complete with all engineering and ergonomic requirements;
  • A possibility to revamp a building and to improve it further;
  • Selection and use of 100% environment-friendly materials for construction and interior design;
  • Calculation of technical and economic data being obtained at the time of design;
  • Paper map creation and 3D modeling. Special software programs allow you to view the end result modeled down to the last detail before actual construction;
  • Architectural and design documentation services;
  • Unique exterior and interior design development.