International Consulting

Financial consulting refers to the qualified, strategically designed support to the management of any company with a view to improve its work performance, cost-effectiveness and productivity. Our company offers consulting services internationally, ranging from a one-time consultation to the full-scale development of a plan. Not only will our specialists improve your current situation and enhance your organization’s profitability, they will also assist you in opening new companies in other countries, obtaining funding and participating on the stock exchange. Our specialists and private consultations on enhancing business effectiveness will allow your company to increase several-fold its profitability. Close control over the implementation of a plan, a rigorous system of planning and a timely analysis of all eventual deviations will help you react to any changes in business in a timely manner, identify the reasons and respond accordingly. Our consulting company offers the following list of services:
  • Financial analysis of an enterprise;
  • Assessment of a project’s feasibility;
  • Debt restructuring;
  • Investment memorandum preparation;
  • Financial strategy elaboration;
  • Assistance in obtaining loans;
  • Company registration anywhere in the world;
  • Financial modeling;
  • Evaluation of investment attractiveness;
  • Investment and funding raising;
  • Expert review of business projects, and more.