Nautics and Aeronautics

We can find or build your dream yacht or aircraft. Our company specializes in creating crafts based on the existing frame or from scratch. We provide professional advice to our customers, as well as full protection of their interests through all stages of construction. Our company cooperates with shipbuilders, designers and architects, ensures the timely execution of projects and complies with established economic standards. If you are a hater of ready-made boats and aircrafts sold at the secondary market, you may envisage having one built from the ground up. Certainly, construction of a brand-new vehicle is a tough task and you just can’t expect coping with it all by yourself, even if you have sufficient experience and knowledge. As of now, the best solution would be to turn over to our international vehicle construction agency. We take full responsibility of every aspect of the design and build process upon reaching agreement on all details related to the project until its first entry into service. The final product, as well as the whole process of the vehicle building, should be a pleasant experience for the customer. Our services are based on this core principle, and be assured that our experienced and qualified specialists will do their best to save your precious time and money. Our wide experience in building expedition and recreational crafts, technical competence and timeliness of service provision are directed at making the customer’s dream come true in no time. Your cooperation with our company comprises the following range of services:
  • Study of the customer’s demands and his or her requirements for the vehicle;
  • Development of the project, rough drafts and other documents;
  • Provision of all necessary permits;
  • Interaction with designers, architects and others;
  • Control over every stage and aspect of the project;
  • Financial, legal and engineering support;
  • Delivery services.