Project Development and Construction

Don Monada carries out construction works in compliance with the existing design and budget documentation provided by the customer and acts as a general designer of buildings intended for various uses. The design department monitors all stages and aspects of the project implementation, from document preparation to commissioning. Our company designs and constructs buildings of different purposes and scale, including commercial, industrial, residential and public facilities.

Subcontractors with narrow specializations are often employed to develop optimized engineering, construction and architectural projects. Costs, terms and schedules are discussed with the customer, followed by a formal written contract.

The planning and design procedure consists of a number of clauses, from preparatory work (collection and coordination of data and procurement of permits) to the development of a detailed work plan. Each of these clauses is checked for feasibility and the appropriateness of expenses. Our specialists manage all the construction processes and guarantee the timely implementation of all aspects of the previously agreed arrangements and the high quality of the company’s work, even in case of unconventional and original buildings requiring specific engineering and design solutions.

Our services are listed below:

  • Architectural and construction design;
  • Preparation of documentation for independently built facilities;
  • Redesign and renovation of buildings;
  • Project development of reinforced concrete, steel and metal construction;
  • Laying of interior and exterior utility networks;
  • Interior design project management.